Friday, September 28, 2012

2 more weeks and we're off

2 minggu lagi untuk tamat praktikum.2 minggu lagi berada di sekolah dan melayan kerenah kanak-kanak yang bermacam-macam jenis.2 minggu lagi suka dan duka.ewahhhh.mostly, SUKA.because I love school and the kids.walaupun kekadang perangai memasing melampaui batas sampai cikgu keluar kelas suara boleh kalah Ramli Sarip, I love you, kiddos.

uncontrollable hyperactivity.sibuk buat gaya John Cena.ingat cikgu dia tak kenal agaknya siapa John Cena.

I entered one class today for relief.I talked with some of the boys.and then tetiba keluar topik WWE.they thought I didn't know about WWE at all (VERY WRONG FIRST IMPRESSION), so they were so full of themselves.they kept asking whether I know The Rock, Big Show, Rey Mysterio and few other names.

I WATCHED WWE, and still watching it (at home), so OF COURSE I KNOW.I even mentioned other names, some facts about why the wrestlers wearing masks and all, the famous brothers and whatnot.

they were shocked, the boys.
and then one of them asked me a question which made me laughed my heart out...

'teacher gangster ea?'


what do you expect me to say?



Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hijab's style by my little towelista brother

these days, people like to share their own hijab my over-creative and cheeky little brother decided to give a try.

while his sisters and only brother were busy watching a show (i can't remember whether it's Pawn Stars on History Channel or 100 ways to leave a game show on AXN.we are big fans!) on tv, he was busy doing something on his own, with his towel.bath towel, yes.

I was very interested to the show, so I didn't really see what he was doing (normally I'm his trouble-maker HAHA).tetiba dapat rasa dia datang duduk dekat.dah habis main lah tu, that's what I thought.then dengar my little sister giggled, but I just ignored.lepas tu iklan (yang berderet deret), OK eyes off the tv. 

I turned my head.....

mak kau.

he came out with his own hijab's style.using his bath towel.

 'ini fesyen singa.' he said.

then very quickly he changed it to another style

'yang ni pulak fesyen serebeh' 


true hijabista towelista.pakai towel pun boleh.

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