Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hello March - the awesome beginning

....because this month began with this person's birthday! *letup letup belon lalu terpekik-pekik kerana dasar penakut belon*

I sent my birthday speech to her on Facebook. because it's the current trend. no more SMS with fancy images where you need to scroll all the way to the bottom just to get the message. I remembered my olden days (when I was 19-21 yo), I tried not to sleep before the clock strikes 12.00 AM (on my birthday), waiting for fancy-birthday-wishes-SMS flooding my phone (not a smartphone-user yet 4 years ago). you know...it was a beautiful feeling getting all those SMSes. like...I won an award or something.

but hey these days almost everyone use smartphones (look at mine.feel like throwing it away.but no money to buy other phone.so I need to survive with this guy for at least another year.so shhhhh.)

YES. semua orang ado smartphones yo. kengkadang ado duo. kengkadang ado satu tapi bosar godabak haa. internet toksah cakaplah.

hei kenapa tetiba berbicara mengenai teknologi?

balik semula. YES it was her birthday, my partner-in-crime FAREHA if you didn't know her name. right now, she's in JB and I'm here in KL. jarak memisahkan namun teknologi menyatukan. She's my business-partner, my bestfriend, my soul sister, and my eating-partner because we love foods so much tapi aku je yang gemok entah kenapa.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Fareha. Be strong, stay awesome.

foto zaman muda-mudi di kala lemak belum berani bersemuka secara berjemaah

p/s: dear March, please be kind to me...with all the workloads. help me survive, please. plus handling the kids is getting tougher. give me superpowers.

and please....

help me burn my fats.

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