Tuesday, August 26, 2014



Photos were taken on Sunday. Went to Ikea and filled up K's car boot. I went to GM Klang with Amalina today to buy few things as the grand finale; as she's also looking and surveying stuffs for her upcoming event (yayness!). Got few things checked and yeah. Going back home this weekend to meet my loved ones and sit down for final banquet discussion. My darling cousins volunteered to sponsor the goodies, so I guess there's nothing to worry about. 

However, Mum said there is a battle between my two aunts: the 'bunga telur' sponsorship - who's going to sponsor the eggs? Both of them wants it. 

I feel like retis right now. *flip tudung* 

Friday, August 22, 2014


22/8/2014 - Semoga roh mangsa-mangsa tragedi MH17 dirahmati dan diletakkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman. Al-Fatihah. 
Ucapan takziah kepada keluarga dan sanak-saudara mangsa. 

Tertinggal 3 hari punya post. Kemanakah pergi semangat berblog yang muncul minggu lalu? Sudahkah pudar? Tidak pudar, cuma tenagaku yang kian pudar. Kanak-kanak menghadapi peperiksaan, aku yang gundah gulana. Setiba kertas exam depan mata, berpinar mata. Apakah yang dikau tulis ini wahai anak? 

Aku pening menghadap kertas. Pening bagaimana hendak memberi markah. Tekakku rasa berpasir, bahana brainwash kanak-kanak sebelum peperiksaan kononnya mengharap keputusan gemilang. Bahasa senang : aku diserang gatal tekak. Tidak sakit, cuma gatal. Tidak selesa. Suara bak halilintar masih ada, cuma diselang batuk dan serak sekali sekala. 

Aku berasa bahang keputusan yang merudum. Jadi, aku tidak mengharap. Tak mengapalah, hanya ujian formatif. Bagi markah rendah pun tak apa. Kasi can bertaubat. Tiada markah kasihan. 

Sudahlah penat mengawal disiplin ketika berhimpun, berlegar-legar di kantin memujuk kanak-kanak yang menangis bahana gurauan rakan pula. Kerja begini memang bermacam-macam. Ada ketika aku jadi polis, ada ketika aku jadi baby sitter. Esok, aku kena pergi tunjuk muka. Ada program Tahun 6. K akan setel rumah sendirian. Bersabarlah, sayang. (Ewah) 

Lampu di rumah sewa bujang kami berkedip-kedip. Sedang melayan ketampanan Zill Faezrul, lampu beraksi lip lap lip lap. Sungguh tidak menyenangkan. Wireman datang check tapi tiada apa. Motip sangat. 

Penceritaan aku berbaur rojak; bercampur-aduk. Pohon diabaikan. Tak lama dah nak kahwin, perlu kah aku belajar buat rojak? (Tetiba) 

Monday, August 18, 2014


I wasn't in my deepest sleep last night. My brain was working all night long...thinking so much about what to buy for the house (housewife-wannabe-alert). On the other side, K is so cool about it. 

Just so you know, whenever my feeling is in a state of between calm and excited, I SMS. But when I'm in a state of being-too-excited-I-should-buy-this-now, I CALL. 
Me : I went to Giant today and I saw all these cabinets and all ohmygosh they'll fit the house perfectly for sure!

K : Calm down. Lets go to Ikea this weekend, shall we? We'll go and look for it together. 

Me : But these are....*krik*krik* 

K : Please don't buy anything, yet.

Me : Well...I bought floor and toilet cleaner, brushes, sponges, air freshners, napkins, garbage plastics and towels. So thank you, me. 

K wants everything to be good - according to his standard. From painting the wall to buying the furnitures. I like to buy everything that I think might be needed (yeah) but sometimes it stays at one place for a longgggg time. By the time I discover it, I will be very amazed. 

'oh my I forgot I bought these long time ago!' - this is so me. 

So I ended up with lots and lots and lots of hidden treasures. I liked home deco items when I was in NZ (2010-2011)- very simple yet irresistable. And few weeks ago, I discovered a bag full of home deco items from NZ. WHAT A WONDER-EPICFUL MOMENT. 

Did I bought this? When did I bought that? Oh gosh what is this I never see it before? Wowwwwwwwww this is soooo cute. Oh myyyyyyyyyyy. Waaaaaa. ( It was an-oww-aww-wow-and-waaaa moment) 

K wants to make everything as simple as possible, yet practical. He lovessssss white. And black. And all the sophisticated colours. Me? I loveeee small-and-very-tiny-yet-super-cute-things. I love pink, purple, green, yellow and other colours. I love colourful surroundings (thus, this career :P).

* I secretly bought two soup bowls - a blue and a pink to match the chopsticks I bought at NZ in 2011 (also in blue and pink) * 



House - checked. So our financial management is officially started. Worked on the cashflow during dinner and discussed over so many things. Hopefully everything will go smoothly as planned. 

Will go for house cleaning next week. Nervous , but so excited! Alhamdulillah :) 

Need to sleep now. Been running here and there this weekend. Phew. Bring it onnnnnnnn.

Till then. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014


It's 12.17 am now and I'm wayyy toooo late for my #28daystogo post! 


K and I went to view few units around KL. It's so tough to rent a house these days! Calling agents and mixed up all the phone numbers. Imagine...an unknown number called saying they got a call from me but I haven't save their phone number so who-are-you-I-cant-remember. 

'So miss which unit do you want to view?'
'Sorryyyyy I'm looking at the ads list now. You know, I've been calling people (lots) and now the numbers are all mixed up HAHAHA. Can you give me few seconds please. Thank youuuu (high-pitched).' 

That was epic. 

So we looked at few houses, mostly condos. Been considering and discussing everything throughout the day. Haven't decide on anything. Haven't decide on any area. The H-o-u-s-e-D-r-a-m-a. 

So we went to Ikea (the place people love the most. Well, K is one of Ikea-fanatic-fans) to look for few things for the dais at my house. So, carpet and bench - checked. Fluffy decoration - checked. K bought 15 blue-bags-of-Ikea. Motip kan?

His reason - I am practicing a practical life. You will thank me later, baby. 
I cannot digest. 

Had a late lunch at Waroeng Iga - The Strand. Spent the next hours at PKNS Shah Alam for my-hand-bouquet-hunting. Found it! (Well I had my eyes on it since yesterday HAHA). So hand-bouquet is checked. 

Went to Plaza Alam Sentral for wedding-shoes-hunting. Since I don't have any specific places to find wedding shoes, so be it. Plus, I wanted to go to the wedding boutique on the third floor so...lets look for pretty shoes. Walked in and out, checked on designs and sizes, and battled over heels or flats. I'm 167cm (already) but K asked me to go for heels (try to digest that). Even the salesgirl rolled up her eyes HAHAHA. I can't wear size 30+ anymore, people. My normal shoe size is 40 or 41. Sometimes it can goes up to 42 (for certain designs). Imagine if I step on your foot (BAHAHAHA). 

So now, wedding shoes - checked. 

P/s : tampak istiqamah post menjelang hari perkahwinan. Berusaha! 

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Ok lets talk about my hand bouquet, shall we? 

I haven't got mine. Belum beli. Went to a few florists at PKNS Shah Alam, walked around so much but came home empty handed. Can't-decide-which-one-i-want. Fresh flowers or fake flowers or whatever.
I found few inspirations from the internet (thank you, technology) but yeah...tell me how to choose one out of the top 12. 


I can't decide. Maybe I should buy two (or three :P). 

P/s: *I need pretty flowers to make myself the prettiest on my wedding day huehue*

Thursday, August 14, 2014


It's getting real, the wedding.30 days from now I'll become Mrs.K. Huahua. Nervous? A bit. Still too early to feel that-kind-of-nervous. At this moment, I hope Mr. Postman is doing his job well by delivering K's pre-wedding-course-certificate to my mum. 

K created the event on Facebook.So yeah we are announcing the day to the public. Teehee. Now it's getting more real. You know. Like no-more-drama-is-accepted-from-now-on. And i-am-getting-married-very-soon. Preparations? My mum's answer would be 80% (that's what I heard when she talked to her friend few days ago). My answer would be...urm...I'm not sure bahahaha.

I still have lots of things on my list: 

Wedding shoes
Wedding scarf
Hand bouquet
Flowers for Hantaran's decorations
Fluffy carpet, flowers and bench (for my DIY dais) 
Dolly papers 
Bantal Nikah 
And some other small things I can't remember now hahaha.

Hopefully I can get all these settled 2 weeks before the wedding. Phew. Fingers crossed. 

Hopefully everything will go smoothly as planned, insyaAllah :) 

Well, if you are reading this right now, you are invited too! 
Save The Date 
The Wedding of KZ 

Further information should be on my Facebook/Instagram :)


                                      The Hantarans on our engagement day, 23.03.14 :) 
                                    From me to him - DIY by me guided by mum and makcu.
                                    From him to me - DIY by his mum. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Oh my

Oh my my my 
I've been ignoring this blog like forever.poor blog. 

Time flies so fast. It's already August! Many things happened. Best friend got married, the kids had their exams twice (and the third one is coming next next week oh-headache-is-calling-me), and the wedding preparations. I am getting married in uhm uhm less than 50 days ? (Too-lazy-to-count-days-hahaha). 

Things are getting real. Preparations, flowers, attires, invitation cards, plates bowls spoons forks basins et cetera. I go for mix-methods : a 'rewang' banquet + DIY concept for decorations. My dad is the Head of Rewang-Department. Just so you know, his middle name is Perfect. He wants to do everything for the banquet ; buying utensils, basins, pots, knives, baskets, and all sort of things including the bawangs, serai, santan, chickens, fish and meats and you-know-more. He wants to handle everything related to the kitchen business. Thank you, abah. You are the ultimate hero. 

He's been buying so many things lately. It's like a never ending process. Whenever he came home, he bought something...for the banquet. It can be basins, baskets, or even knives. Sometimes my mum complained (hahahaha) because he keep buying things.

'Tu besen' 
'eh bukan dah ada ke besen yang beli haritu?'
'Beli je. Takut tak cukup.nanti banyak nak guna.' 

Skema-jawapan-standard. Everytime. 

Mum is busy with the decorations (the Head of Decoration-Department). She wants curtains, scallops and all. And because she can make all that by herself, she wants to go all out. We spent few hours at Jakel for curtains and fabrics for decorations. My first time being a-very-fussy-customer with all the fabric-drama. Almost lost my legs. Almost fell down the stairs-I-have-no-shame-I-walk-too-much. Phew. 

We went to Rantau Panjang, my mum and I. Long way before buying the fabrics. We went to Kelantan straight away after Fareha's solemnization. For pots, mats, gifts, kain batiks, and more-things-I-can't-remember. Mind you, Rantau-Panjang-is-shopping-heaven-for-moms. My mum was unstoppable. I was super exhausted I almost faint in the middle of the shops. My mum seemed younger than me, there. Veghi-energetic. 

So many things changed, BUT my baby fats are still here. We haven't break up, yet. Or maybe we will NEVER break up. The fats love me too much. 

Well, lets just say maybe I look more adorable with them. 

P/s: I will TRY to blog more, especially about the wedding. 
Like I always say, for future references huehuehue. 
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