Thursday, August 14, 2014


It's getting real, the wedding.30 days from now I'll become Mrs.K. Huahua. Nervous? A bit. Still too early to feel that-kind-of-nervous. At this moment, I hope Mr. Postman is doing his job well by delivering K's pre-wedding-course-certificate to my mum. 

K created the event on Facebook.So yeah we are announcing the day to the public. Teehee. Now it's getting more real. You know. Like no-more-drama-is-accepted-from-now-on. And i-am-getting-married-very-soon. Preparations? My mum's answer would be 80% (that's what I heard when she talked to her friend few days ago). My answer would be...urm...I'm not sure bahahaha.

I still have lots of things on my list: 

Wedding shoes
Wedding scarf
Hand bouquet
Flowers for Hantaran's decorations
Fluffy carpet, flowers and bench (for my DIY dais) 
Dolly papers 
Bantal Nikah 
And some other small things I can't remember now hahaha.

Hopefully I can get all these settled 2 weeks before the wedding. Phew. Fingers crossed. 

Hopefully everything will go smoothly as planned, insyaAllah :) 

Well, if you are reading this right now, you are invited too! 
Save The Date 
The Wedding of KZ 

Further information should be on my Facebook/Instagram :)


                                      The Hantarans on our engagement day, 23.03.14 :) 
                                    From me to him - DIY by me guided by mum and makcu.
                                    From him to me - DIY by his mum. 

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