Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Happy Hormones

After getting married, I can say that my life is much more better compared to the olden days. I become much happier. Bukanlah selama ini saya ini manusia grumpy, gembira juga. Tapi sekarang lebih lebih happy, entahlah. Happiness-Overloaded? Cuma tidaklah sehyper dahulu kala. Tika bergelar bujangan (ewah), kalau kau bikin perangai gila pun siapalah ambil kisah terutama apabila kawan-kawan kau semuanya gila-gila. Boleh berkecoh-kecoh di Restoran Tomyam macam tak pernah makan sedap selama hidupnya di alam dunia. Boleh ketawa secara kuat-kuat dan mengetuk meja (you know who you are) dan bertepuk tangan ketika menceritakan kisah yang tidak boleh dihadam usus perut.

Now, life is so different. Living with a handsome guy (come on, suami sendiri kena pujilah tak gitu), coping with his habits (and him coping with mine), cooking and doing house chores. The thing about cooking is, I wasn't born as a cook. I don't know much about cooking. Tahu memasak tapi tidaklah terer sampai boleh impress orang. My friends knowwwww how lazy I was. There must be reasons if they saw me in the kitchen, cooking. 

'Kau ni buang tabiat ke apa ni'
'OH MY GOSH she is in the kitchen and cooking what on earth is happening??'

For me, if there's people who want to do it, do it. I won't bother. Because I can eat almost everything. I have this inner conflict - I'm afraid people can't eat my food (the food I cook). What if people don't like it? What if the food is not delicious? What if...all sorts of nonsense questions. Such a psycho HAHAHAHAHA. 

Now, it's me or my husband. But more likely it's me for cooking. Husband is more to dish-washing (he volunteered for that thank you husband I love you more). 

The thing about The Happy Hormones is I think that I'm no longer a stressful person (compared to life-before-getting-married). There are stressful times (at school ugh) but not as much as before. I'm getting better in handling my emotions since I have complicated mood-swing. 

Life is tough since this year I'm handling 8-years-old (39 of them in the class!). I shouted a lot, got angry most of the time. But I found myself much calmer after the wedding. The kids gave me lots of lovely wedding presents (I even got a cartoon pencil case with spongebob note book!). They asked how the wedding goes, how handsome my husband is, my new house and of course the most popular questions of all - When they will get to see my baby. Ada yang cakap my first baby will be a boy, then baru a girl. Ada yang nak girl dulu, then baru boy. Hey Hey Hey kiddos sejak bilakah kamu menjadi ahli nujum negara? 

Alhamdullillah I'm truly blessed with my life now, and hoping, praying for better life with husband in future. Alhamdulillah Thank You Allah for everything :)

Will try to blog about the wedding as soon as possible teehee.

Take care awesome people!


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