Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Last day of school - Semester 1

Today is the last day of school. We had Teachers' Day celebration with the theme of Liga Malaysia : WE WORE FOOTBALL JERSEYS! It was so much fun with sukaneka and all, bola baling berkain batik and futsal berkain pelikat. We had fun laughing and playing and throwing water balloons randomly. 


Then we had the in-hall-ceremony, with all the performances and prize-giving-ceremony. And there were awards for teachers; Guru Garang Tapi Sayang, Guru Comel, Guru Kelakar and Guru Mesra. All pupils voted for that. I got the Guru Mesra awards, I think it is due to my talkativeness and hyperactiveness, and jumping around and laughing so much and playing all the time. I can talk to everyone in school, the kids I mean. Although I'm not teaching them, but I can talk to them for hours. Crazy, yes. I treat the kids as my baby brothers and sisters. Because my real baby brother is still in primary school (although this year is his final year in primary school). 

Got maaaaanyyy presents from the little darlings. I was surrounded by kids giving me presents my hands were full I put them on chairs. The chairs were full too the presents keep dropping on the floor. Thanks to Ijat, Ali, Amirul, Hassan, Emir and Dinie for helping me with the presents. They brought all the presents to my car and filled up my boot. Phew, what a day! The kids made me smile to ears all day :) 

I'll be missing them, this school holiday. I'll miss their cheeky naughty faces, annoying voices and silly jokes. I'll miss everything about them. I'll miss the school, too. But yeah, I shall enjoy the holiday without thinking about my workloads. Three weeks from now, it will be the Sports Day. Expect sunburn and selekehness. Well I'm wishing for fatburn BAHAHA. 

Going back to home sweet home tomorrow, can't wait to see everyone and show off the presents HAHAHA.

And I am really excited for this holiday....

My partner in crime, Fareha is getting married in 6 days!!

(starts packing) 

Friday, May 23, 2014



A boy cried..when I asked him why he was fighting in class.he is the monitor of the 4th class, good looking, playful, not performing very well in studies, toooo boyish (enjoys fighting,kicking,punching,poking,teasing and all), love to joke around and tease me using my big bright pink pencil box. Before this I used to shout when they fought in class (VERY LOUD i tell you). But today I decide not to shout. I talked to him personally, softly. Then he started crying. I WAS SPEECHLESS. He didn't answer any of my questions. Those teary eyes from one of the taiko in class. I was stunned for few seconds. Then I wiped his tears, calmed him down (because he was angry), and told him that it was okay to be angry but without kicking or punching or fighting. He went back to his seat and covered his face using his arms (like what we used to do when we sleep in class. I know everyone knows how HAHA). 

Well, I wonder what was in his mind. When he was crying in front of me. And when he was back to his seat. Underneath those arms. What was he thinking. 

He gave me an oat choco yesterday. Bukan bagi direct pun sebab egocentric tebal lagi dia ni. He showed me the oat choco and put it in my big bright pink pencil box. Just like that. 

And yesterday, he undirectly said that his favourite subject is English. 

Another boy, from my 1st class. School prefect, good looking, wealthy family background, performing very well in studies and sports, playful, a joker and attention seeker during my lesson ONLY according to his friends. I gave the kids a chance to have a look at their test papers and marks. Called them individually and showed their paper 2. This boy, I showed him the paper and the mistakes he made. And there was this face of disappointment that I rarely seen. It was a bitter smile. Seriously I didn't know how to react to that I kept repeating the same sentences to calm him down telling that his mark was okay. I was afraid he might cry anytime soon...but no. He didn't. 

Well, I was his homeroom teacher last year and this year I am teaching him and I think he (and few other boys) are having so much fun teasing me and acting like my little brothers all the timeeeee and yeah. This boy is one of the kids that were crazy about my chipsmore last time (if you read that post). FYI, he is performing well in English but he likes to pretend that he's not. He's the top scorer in asking-so-many-questions department. Just because...well I don't really know the reason. And just as note for the future (if this blog is still here in 10 years time), he is renting my pencil at the moment. It is my pencil but he wants to use it he pretend not to see me when he is writing. It's not that he can't afford that type of pencil. He can buy 10 of them if he wants! But I don't know. It's just a plain blue mechanical pencil that cost me RM5. 

He NEVER said anything nice to me. I mean...like the other kids do. Like 'miss ni best','miss baik','miss comel sangat saya suka miss' whatever whatever whatever. He's like ugh-i-dont-care. VEGHI EGO. 

I want to know his thoughts behind all his actions, very badly. 

I wonder why I am writing about these two boys now. I am supposed to sleep just now but ended up spending half an hour writing about these two. They made me think so much I can't sleep peacefully. Ugh. Stop thinking, brain. Go to the dreamland, now. 

I wish I have a sixth sense - the ability to read kids' minds. 
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