Wednesday, January 2, 2019

HEY YO 2019!

Assalamualaikum & Happy New Year guys!

So today was the first day of school. How was it? HAHAH. Surprise surprise. I was not really looking forward to the end of holiday, actually. Perasaan nak cuti je sepanjang masa, OH INDAHNYA!

So, we ( me + Zara ) departed as usual from home. Surprisingly, the traffic was OK. Sampai sekolah Zara dalam pukul 7.00 a.m. and she was wide awake, ready for school. Balik tadi pun she was excited siap cakap esok nak pergi sekolah lagi. Mak legaaaaaa weh. Although her lunch box was quite simple today, but OK lah she finished everything. Totally my girl! Sempat letak chipsmore, banana and tiger biscuit je tadi. Super simple seriously sebab kalut tak bertempat.

Still providing a lunch box for her cos she's quite picky with her food. Rasa bersalah kalau tak provide lunch box just in case makanan dekat sekolah tak kena selera dia. SEBAB NANTI DIA TAKNAK MAKAN OK. Dan bakal mengundang a grumpy and hungry Zara waktu pick up petang nanti.

School was OK. I became a class teacher, again. Setelah setahun berehat menanggung tugas besar. This year, I can focus more on my teaching. Less responsibility on the management thingy. Which I loveeeeeeeeee it! But, there are so many kids in the class! 37 everyone! With 21 boys and 16 girls.

Gaaaaaahhhh the first day was hectic. Maybe cos they are super tiny little creatures with 20-years gap between us. Before this takdelah rasa sangat cos I can befriend my kids. This year, its totally teacher - pupils feeling you know.

Non - stop talking, seriously. I was blank for a while, not knowing what to do with these super noisy kids. Dah cakap elok - elok, diam sekejap. Then, jadi pasar malam semula. Ugut sikit ceramah sikit, diam sekejap. Then keluar suara macam tertelan mikrofon dalam anak tekak.

I wassssssss trying to be patient. Last sekali, I bagi yang suci murni senyap dan faham bahasa semua balik on time. Like right before the bell rang. Sengaja bakar line geng geng bising tu. Terus semua tarik muka KAHKAHKAH. I mean, hello I wont do this if you listened to my instruction very well.

So, that's it. I let them go then takde sorang pun yang datang salam sebelum balik. Fine, I don't really care. Nak tunjuk protes sangat kan.

I am going to swap their seats tomorrow. Let's see who's the boss.

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