Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011,hello 2012


You're one of the greatest awesomest and best years ever.thanks for all the sweet memories.i love you.


Please be nice to me.i hope you can be as great and sweet as 2011,hopefully better :)

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Thursday, December 8, 2011


It's almost two weeks,Hello Malaysia :)

Assalamualaikum and hello to you who're reading this masterpiece of mine *eceh*

I'm pretty much done 'reconstructing' my life here in Malaysia;driving license,banking stuffs,visiting/meeting families,cousins,friends...almost everyone weehooo,get to eat almost all of the yummy malaysian foods nomnomnom.

I didn't get to keep in touch with the outside world because I have no internet,absolute zero.wonder how I get you to read this post in my blog?wait till the end of this post.

I have no access to Blogger Facebook,Twitter,Yahoo,Gmail whatever.i'm no longer a member of the virtual society *sobbing sounds*

Gosh me sounds like one desperato de amor HAHAHAHAHA

Thanks to this great phone, I managed to type a's such a hard work, typing with these tiny things.and, my thumb is not tiny T.T

You guys, take care. I don't really know when I get to blog again.who knows when.HAHAHA.

P/s: now, with my little maxis credits we'll see whether I get to put this up or not.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

of our last trip in NZ : Day 3

Day 3 - the GREATEST experience of all

Location: Tongariro River
Instructor: Kim si gadis comel & Matt Si Jejaka Kacak

over betul expression aku HAHA.

p/s: tak sempat nak merapu bebanyak.belum habis packing.rumah kucar-kacir.huuuu sedih nak tinggalkan New Zealand tercinta.

The Last Friday in New Zealand, after almost two years here.
In my sweet room.Volt On Queen.Queen Street.
10.20AM [NZ Time]

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

of our last trip in NZ : Day 2 [once in a lifetime]

Assalamualaikum & Hello :)

so I'm back with the story of our real adventure, as in real REAL real.kerana ianya ialah adventure yang tidak akan dilupakan sampai bila-bila.

Day 2 - we decided to go for Tongariro Alpine Crossing.sounds fun and interesting kerana membantu pelupusan lemak-lemak degil ngohhhhhh.and it became the breathtaking moment when we reached the summit, BUT it was VERY CHALLENGING.

at first, we thought it will be like the normal hiking and tramping,plus it's nearly we put on our tracksuits and sport shoes ONLY.bila sampai dekat Adventure HQ, the guy [who're responsible for the Tongariro Crossing thingy] told us the weather forecast on that day.

you guys need to put on jacket because it'll be freaking cold up there with the wind which 50km/H today.


IT WAS TRUE.aku yang setinggi 167cm dan seberat *cough*cough* hampir diterbangkan angin lintang.mind you, kiri kanan ialah gaung.perasaannya ialah ibarat antara hidup dan mati.real life experience, really.untunglah angin Tongariro berjaya terbangkan cap NZ kesayangan.kalau perasan cap tu wujud dalam gambar masa awal-awal je, habis hiking no more no more.

after the first pit stop, there's a notice board:

Is the weather okay?
Do you have the right equipment and clothing?
Are you fit enough?

this is so scary movie.kami bertembung ramai pendaki yang berundur kembali ke starting point atas alasan tak mampu meneruskan perjalanan 20KM yang memakan masa 8 jam itu.mulanya, mental breakdown jugalah sebab yang pusing balik semua nampak tough.kalau nak balik ke starting point derita weh sebab kena lalu trek yang we continued our journey dengan segala susah payah dan derita yang melanda.

the climax was when we climbed towards the summit.angin dia masyaAllah kuat sungguh.sampai rasa sesak nafas, then I decided to use my towel to cover my mouth and nose itu sebab nampak ada sorang ninja wannabe dalam gambar KAHKAH.hal tudung, kau takyah kira ah.bak kata Fareha, tahap messy dia kalah Hana Tajima.ewahhhh ini Hana Tongariro mari yaww HAHAHA.

Allah knows how hard we tried to stay strong and together in such a weather.kaki masing-masing dah lenguh mendaki.but we survived and got to see the magnificent views of Allah's creation, subhanAllah.hilang segala penat lelah mendaki.indah sangat.

no words can describe the feelings, really.and the tiredness, phewwww.lenguh kaki sampai hari ni yawww.

NOTE: my pink NZ cap only appeared in the first few photos, then the wind flew it away :(

aku dengan ema 'bas lambat' sikit sebab kurang fit.which is why kitorang banyak gambar sesama sendiri sebab tiap kali berhenti rehat tarik nafas sempat pulak snap gambar HAHA.

the jump shots of people in their twenties

the magnificent views

The Emerald Lakes.ganjaran selepas merentas angin lintang di atas gunung.

kasut dipenuhi batuan volcanoes sebab menggelongsor sangat turun.

big satisfaction.

dah nak masuk summer but still ada salji.

on our way down.

tangan jari jari semua bengkak entah kenapa.ada possibility ianya berkaitan dengan teori ketumpatan dan sains ke?OH NOOOOOO.

began at the starting point : 8.30AM
arrived at the end point : 4.30PM
syabbash bette~!

free postcards anyone?
*joking LOL*

I took these photos by myself, didn't do much editing on them.Love the views~!

Tongariro, I love you.
But I'll never come again, it's too tough.
This is really ONCE IN A LIFETIME.
Got lots of photos.
I'll show it to my family and tell them how magnificent you are.


Click HERE to read Fareha's version of this adventure :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

of our last trip in NZ : Day 1

Assalamualaikum & Hello :)

so lets start with Day 1 shall we?actually I don't want to write too much words because photos can tell stories.but still, di akhir rancangan pasti tetiba macam tersedar eh eh dah macam karangan pulak aku TERtaip HAHAHA.

Day 1 - we departed from Auckland in the morning, 5 of us in one Nissan rental car *cough*.arrived at Hamilton in the afternoon.dalam perjalanan, nampak gerai strawberry MURAH.nomnomnom.

tak dapat petik strawberry sebab buah dah tak banyak.jadi kitorang beli je sebab murah gila.then makcik tu bagi peluang merayau dekat celah-celah pokok strawberry camwhore HAHA.yabedabeduuu~!

then, we went to Rotorua.

the scenery that will be missed~

next stop was Taupo.we stopped by at the great Huka Falls.

our destination of the day was Turangi, we stayed there for two nights.managed to touch the fresh,clean and cold water of Waikato River before the car was driven to Turangi.

Day 1 was pretty much like a scenic journey with lots of photos and fun and et cetera.we had so much fun recalling our previous trips because we've been to all these places few was a chillax journey with lots of eating,sleeping and laughing activities in the car HAHAHA.

the real adventure began on Day stay tune :D

BONUS!video dari Puan Seri kitewww.

Monday, November 21, 2011

of the last Monday in NZ

I know it's already Tuesday here since it's 1.29am now.but still, Malaysia hari isnin lagi kan?Malaysia lawan Indonesia wooooohooooo.special thanks to my Facebook newsfeed.

Congratulations Harimau Malaya [updated today, 9.18AM NZ time]

countdown dekat blog ni *merujuk widget di sidebar kanan berwarna merah jambu* memang suka buat aku lemah jantung.tadi aku tengok 3 days to go.berderau darah jadinya *amboi hiperbola sangat perkataan HAHA*.

hurm.the last Monday in NZ.


p/s: of our last trip in NZ, coming soon.

Friday, November 18, 2011

exactly 8 days before leaving

Assalamualaikum & Hi :)

so yeah for those who didn't know, I'll be in Malaysia in 8 days time.NO NO.probably 7 days because our flight will departs from Auckland on 26th November, 1.35AM [NZ time] and will reach Malaysia bumi tercinta on the same day at 7.25AM [Msia time].

so how long will it take to 'fly' from Auckland to KL?
NZ cepat 5 jam dari can do the mathematics, do you?:)

so I'll start my day with nasi lemak, perhaps.but most of my friends will go for KFC since it has been ages without the yummy kentucky fried chicken and cheesy wedges.nomnom.for me it's been TWO years because I spent last summer here, in NZ while most of my friends went back to's not really a big deal because here we have CFC [Country Fried Chicken], but KFC still KFC is on my list.

so yeah.

tomorrow I'll be off from this virtual world, to Taupo with my darling friends for our last trip in New Zealand until Monday (21st Nov)oh it's my sister's birthday?

tetiba sungguh.

so take care you guys, and have a nice weekend :)
pray for our safety and happiness during this last trip :D

p/s: I haven't pack my stuffs yet.OH NOOOOOOOOOOO~

10 days + 8 days before leaving NZ tak dapat dipaparkan bersama rakan-rakan yang lain kerana:
a) 10 days before leaving NZ aku lupa bawa kamera.tapi aktiviti hari itu ialah lebih kurang dengan 11 days before BAHAHA.
b) 8 days before leaving NZ ialah hari ni.lupa bawa kamera juga KAHKAH.aktiviti biasa akulah.jalan-jalan kira ada berapa banyak kedai dekat Queen Street.ngohohoho *gelak pesen apa tah ni*

see you guys on Monday~!kalau aku tak humban diri kepenatan lepas main air HAHA.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Assalamualaikum & Hello :)

Hi.It's been a while.I'm too happy and tired these days, keeping myself busy for these last 10 days in NZ...which makes me looks a bit like a crazy maniac.oh come on since when you're a maniac?


Hey ho ladies and gentlemen lets check this out...

siapa boleh perasan something that's related with me in this video will get a mystery gift.

jeng jeng...

okay I'm joking.



bahahaha *apa yang lawak sangat tah*

back to the story, there was this competition where we can submit as many photos/videos as we can as long as the photos/videos suits the theme which was about the future, life and something something [nampak sangat pelupa T_T]

So they [orang kuat syarikat yang buat competition ni] will choose few photos/videos yang dirasakan layak untuk dimasukkan ke dalam muzik video R U Ready by Busco *yang juga digelar Maroon 5 Malaysia [berdasarkan komen-komen di Youtube, 2011]

every owner of the photos chosen will get RM1000/each person.

who told me about this?
Mr.K who also known as my husband-to-be-insyaAllah-doa-doakan-ye :P *sempat tuh*

dari mana dia tahu pasal benda ni?
from the Nuffnang ads dalam blog girlfriend dia.LOL.

so we did sent some photos, and luckily our photos were chosen, each of us got the money *kcing kcing bunyi duit*.

so, tengok balik video tu dan tunggu credits dekat hujung video, nescaya nampaklah nama yang mungkin anda kenali.teeheee~

Alhamdulillah :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

my 11/11/11 in Auckland

Assalamualaikum & Hello :)

ini aktiviti aku hari ini [11/11/11] yang diharapkan akan menjadi my life history; memanfaatkan kupon Auckland Tram yang dibeli bulan lalu.weehooo~

aku terkena ear infection kerana terover feeling ikan duyung masa swimming dua hari lalu, lalu menyebabkan mood kurang terkawal dan berasa tak lalu makan [bagus untuk proses pengurusan WAHAHA].juga, aku menjadi malas upload gambar secara satu-satu.sebab itu aku combine terus membentuk segi empat tepat.mudah.sekali upload, empat mari.

terik, YES.dan aku macam tak bukak mata masa orang ambik gambar.bukak mata je sebenarnya.tapi...alah faham-fahamlah.genetik okay.HAHAHA.

11/11/11, KPM menyelamatkan kami dari dihalau landlord, Alhamdulillah :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

'you look nice'

we were sitting under the trees while everyone else were sitting/lying under the hot sun.tak apalah diorang dah putih, kita yang light brown ni kenalah menyorok bawah pokok sikit.HAHA.

all of a sudden, an old white man (a Kiwi/New Zealanders) came and sat beside Fareha.he asked us where're we from, being a Muslim we need to wear scarves and et cetera.

'Wearing scarves, you look nice and beautiful. And I think it's a good thing to tell you that.'he said.

then he went away.after he told us his thought.and FYI, he's actually on his way to somewhere-we-didn't-know.he stopped for a while just to tell us that.

one of the things that will make me miss New Zealand is its people, the Kiwis (white people in NZ).they're incredibly nice and good people, I should say.they do party and crazy things, but they are the experts in the department of 'how to treat other people very well' and 'being nice to others'.

New Zealand, I'll miss you.
15 days to go.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Of Strawberry Festival

Assalamualaikum & Hello :)

you know, patutlah aku rasa nak berjalan-jalan hari ni walaupun kesuntukan wang.ada Strawberry Festival dekat Westfield Downtown rupanya.

summer is approaching, so do strawberries.nomnomnom.

since today is supposed to be WORDLESS Wednesday, I want to type less words in this post.

picture time, shall we?

pictureS, yes.

Dear miss strawberry, why are you so big and yummy?

Le Ace

my strawberries-with-vanilla-ice-cream-and-strawberry-sauce :)

tengah makan aiskrim, tetiba payung besar dekat meja TERterbang.dramatik sangat tau.

and lastly...


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