Friday, April 29, 2011

edited version : a true story of mine

nampak ayoys komen dekat entri lama2.rajin betul dia ni godek blog akak.kehkeh.dalam hati, segan ada jugak.sebab entri zaman dulu2 sangatlah T___T tak tau nak cakap apa HAHA.actually dah pernah publish entri yang sama dekat sini.TAPI waktu tu grammar pun berterabur, ayat pun tunggang terbalik.siapa nak baca, lepas baca diam-diam sudah.HAHA.

A true story of mine [edited version]bukan nak kata sekarang dah terer English, tapi mungkin better than before.kalau ada salah, shhhhh :P

this is a true story of mine.a reflection to always remind myself who I am.

When I was in primary school, my family have no car.We are living at a village, until now, the same village. So if we need to buy things and needs at the town, abah will borrow his friend's car. Abah rode his motorbike to the friend's house, took the car and left the motorbike there.It was very fresh in my mind, me and angah [my little sister] waited for abah under the tree beside our house, excited. When we saw abah with the car, we jumped here and there [budak-budak biasalah :P]. When we back from the town, abah sent us back home with the things, sent the car to the friend's house and took the motorbike back. I can feel that abah wanted to buy a car for us, so that it'll be easier for us to go anywhere we need to.Just in case if some emergency turns up, we were in a big problem. But abah's salary was only enough for the needs of our family. But, we survived.

When I got 5As in UPSR, my mother bought me a watch cost RM20 as a present. I'm happy but I cried because I never had a watch before and it was RM20, a very big amount for me on that time. I was the only one who got 5A's in UPSR at my school. A fact about my primary school, it was in a very rural area [kampung] ,only has about 60 pupils.When I was in Standard 6, there were only 9 pupils in my class, all girls because there was no boys age 12 on that time, and we have only 6 male teachers including the headmaster. Can you believe it?Yes.I am one of the product of a school in a rural area and I am not shame.

My secondary school was SHAH PEKAN(Sekolah Sains Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Pekan)2002-2006. It was a culture shock for me. A SBP, a school of smart boys and girls and a big school, means a lot of students. I feel very uncomfortable, homesick, scared,weird and those kind of things. All SBPs offered 3 foreign language to learn and our classes was according to the language that we chose. I prefer Japanese but the teacher put me in the French class.huh.Weird some more, French is not that easy. The good thing was my new friends were awesome. They thought I was unique because of my 'loghat' which is extremely 'pekat' [loghat Pahang pohpaleh].HAHA.One thing,I cried once in my class.It was during Form 1.Guess what,I was one of the shortest students on that time and now I am one of the highest girl in my class or shoud I say the highest?Back to the story.It was when one of my teacher asked us to buy an exercise book.All students bought it except me.I don't have money so I can't buy it. I told the teacher.Suddenly he took out RM2 from his pocket and gave it to me.He told me to use the money to buy the book.And I bought it.[I am a good student that time, I am an innocent girl.err until today, I am still an innocent girl auwww :P] Can you imagine how do I feel on that time?Sad, clueless. It was me.YES.and this is my story.

Sesungguhnya Allah itu Maha Besar,Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang.
Now everything has turn out to be better than before. Alhamdulillah.

And here I am, University of Auckland :)

I am very glad that you have read this story of mine till the end.Thanks.
Please ignore the grammatical mistakes.Please.Please.Please.
Have a good day!
Part ni still sama sebab takutlah ada yang terror English baca karangan saya nih.kekeke~


ayoys said...

:)bdk'' skrg( mcm aku) jarang mau menghargai. dlm kpala otak sllu fikir yg hidup ni akn senang slalu.
bukan xpena hdup susa, cuma masa tu aku kecil lagi.mgkin xdpt paham mak sllu juga kasi ingt pasal dlu''. sbb trpksa jimat beras mak aku cuma bgi makan bubur nasi jk tuk alas aq bkn nya sapa'' pn skrg..msih juga dtnggung..*tiba'' TERemo

kak zati . kak zati.ini lah sizuka-world-of-life :)

NIA said...

takpe ayoys.sekurang-kurangnya better than before kan?jangan emo nanti cepat tua :P

:) yes dear.

Ryna Tri Asmara said...

kak sizukaaa~ this is sweet :') never know it before.

NIA said...

hehe.entri zaman dulu.saje share balik :P

Mr. Asada said...

sadis cerita ni.. tapi still best di baca. saya like!

NIA said...

kannnnnn :P

[wani_mn] said...

saya ambil cerita akk sbg pembakar semangat saya!! *touching*

NIA said...

hehe kongsi2 pengalaman :)

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