Sunday, August 17, 2014


It's 12.17 am now and I'm wayyy toooo late for my #28daystogo post! 


K and I went to view few units around KL. It's so tough to rent a house these days! Calling agents and mixed up all the phone numbers. unknown number called saying they got a call from me but I haven't save their phone number so who-are-you-I-cant-remember. 

'So miss which unit do you want to view?'
'Sorryyyyy I'm looking at the ads list now. You know, I've been calling people (lots) and now the numbers are all mixed up HAHAHA. Can you give me few seconds please. Thank youuuu (high-pitched).' 

That was epic. 

So we looked at few houses, mostly condos. Been considering and discussing everything throughout the day. Haven't decide on anything. Haven't decide on any area. The H-o-u-s-e-D-r-a-m-a. 

So we went to Ikea (the place people love the most. Well, K is one of Ikea-fanatic-fans) to look for few things for the dais at my house. So, carpet and bench - checked. Fluffy decoration - checked. K bought 15 blue-bags-of-Ikea. Motip kan?

His reason - I am practicing a practical life. You will thank me later, baby. 
I cannot digest. 

Had a late lunch at Waroeng Iga - The Strand. Spent the next hours at PKNS Shah Alam for my-hand-bouquet-hunting. Found it! (Well I had my eyes on it since yesterday HAHA). So hand-bouquet is checked. 

Went to Plaza Alam Sentral for wedding-shoes-hunting. Since I don't have any specific places to find wedding shoes, so be it. Plus, I wanted to go to the wedding boutique on the third floor so...lets look for pretty shoes. Walked in and out, checked on designs and sizes, and battled over heels or flats. I'm 167cm (already) but K asked me to go for heels (try to digest that). Even the salesgirl rolled up her eyes HAHAHA. I can't wear size 30+ anymore, people. My normal shoe size is 40 or 41. Sometimes it can goes up to 42 (for certain designs). Imagine if I step on your foot (BAHAHAHA). 

So now, wedding shoes - checked. 

P/s : tampak istiqamah post menjelang hari perkahwinan. Berusaha! 

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