Monday, August 18, 2014


I wasn't in my deepest sleep last night. My brain was working all night long...thinking so much about what to buy for the house (housewife-wannabe-alert). On the other side, K is so cool about it. 

Just so you know, whenever my feeling is in a state of between calm and excited, I SMS. But when I'm in a state of being-too-excited-I-should-buy-this-now, I CALL. 
Me : I went to Giant today and I saw all these cabinets and all ohmygosh they'll fit the house perfectly for sure!

K : Calm down. Lets go to Ikea this weekend, shall we? We'll go and look for it together. 

Me : But these are....*krik*krik* 

K : Please don't buy anything, yet.

Me : Well...I bought floor and toilet cleaner, brushes, sponges, air freshners, napkins, garbage plastics and towels. So thank you, me. 

K wants everything to be good - according to his standard. From painting the wall to buying the furnitures. I like to buy everything that I think might be needed (yeah) but sometimes it stays at one place for a longgggg time. By the time I discover it, I will be very amazed. 

'oh my I forgot I bought these long time ago!' - this is so me. 

So I ended up with lots and lots and lots of hidden treasures. I liked home deco items when I was in NZ (2010-2011)- very simple yet irresistable. And few weeks ago, I discovered a bag full of home deco items from NZ. WHAT A WONDER-EPICFUL MOMENT. 

Did I bought this? When did I bought that? Oh gosh what is this I never see it before? Wowwwwwwwww this is soooo cute. Oh myyyyyyyyyyy. Waaaaaa. ( It was an-oww-aww-wow-and-waaaa moment) 

K wants to make everything as simple as possible, yet practical. He lovessssss white. And black. And all the sophisticated colours. Me? I loveeee small-and-very-tiny-yet-super-cute-things. I love pink, purple, green, yellow and other colours. I love colourful surroundings (thus, this career :P).

* I secretly bought two soup bowls - a blue and a pink to match the chopsticks I bought at NZ in 2011 (also in blue and pink) * 



House - checked. So our financial management is officially started. Worked on the cashflow during dinner and discussed over so many things. Hopefully everything will go smoothly as planned. 

Will go for house cleaning next week. Nervous , but so excited! Alhamdulillah :) 

Need to sleep now. Been running here and there this weekend. Phew. Bring it onnnnnnnn.

Till then. 
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