Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Kebab

[Auckland,NZ - Winter 2011]

I never thought I'll miss this Turkish/Arabian delight so much.

With sweet chilli, barbecue, mayonnaise and satay sauce.

 Taste so good yet so healthy.

Oh my goodness *saliva drop*

p/s: I can do nothing about the photo.tried to find the rotate button but it's can't be seen anywhere.


ada van de kamp said...

been missing kebab huwaaaaaaa

Shiela Luddin said...

pening hakak nengokkan gambor awakk...tak leh nak menikmati kebab segojesnyer tauu...huhhh...:P

NIA said...

@ada: jom balik NZ!

@kak CNN: hewhew sori kak.button rotate tah kat mana kikiki~

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