Monday, January 13, 2014

Freak Out

I was in the middle of the classroom, answering all sorts of questions from FORTY 8-years-old kids around me. Luckily, I managed to calm everyone down.

Kid D : Teacher, what is your son's name?
Me : Sorry honey what did you said?
Kid D : Your children. What are their names?
Me : Oh dear I don't have any child yet.
Kid D : Why teacher?
Me : I'm not married yet. See I'm not wearing any ring. (showing my pretty fingers)
Kid D : But why you are not married?
Me : Because I'm still young (smile).
Kid D : No you're not.
Me : *ketap gigi* I AM YOUNG.

Just so you know, we'll join the mid-twenties-club this year. THAT freaked me out.

My 8 years old kids are funny-peeps-with-cuteness-overloaded.
(1) They cannot differentiate numbers in ages just yet. On the very first day of school I asked them to guess my age. Tekaan yang diterima ialah melampaui batasan pemikiran.
99! (laughs)
18! (this made me smile HAHAHA)

(2) They are talking in high-pitched-voice. I am becoming one of them now. Oh gosh gosh gosh.

(3) They love me so much they like to smell me. YES. SMELL ME. Do I smell like lavender? PUHAHAHA.

Talking about getting married, one of my Y4 kids wrote PN. IZZATI on her book. I explained to everyone that I'm not married yet so they should write CIK IZZATI or MISS IZZATI on their books.

Then one boy asked me...

Boy : Miss tengah cari jodoh ke?
Me : Kenapenye. Nak carikan jodoh untuk saya ke?(jokingly)
Boy : Hmmm. Saya ada sepupu. (muka penuh pengharapan)
Me : *nganga*
Another Boy : Wei nanti Miss jadi kakak sepupu kau lah KEKEKEKE.
Me :*krik*krik*krik*krik*

the awkward moment.


Mama Ta said...

hahahha. kids nowadays!! semua advanced. mana la cikgu tak pening.hahahahha

Anonymous said...

Amboi! Pandai bebudak sekarang..harap miss ceria mengajar ;)
Errr ape ada pada angka...bole camtu? Hee selamat tahun baru! :)

NIA said...

Dye.yana : sampai pning lalat cikgu nk jwb soklan hahaha

NIA said...

Ninja: memg pndai sgt lah nye.especially dlm hal takde kaitan dgn hal blajar haha.

Selamat tahun baru!

Anonymous said...

LOL.. nk gelak guling2 baca. haha budak2 sekarang tak boleh bla..

haha motif sangat ckp cikgu macam tu tauuuu... muehehehe

NIA said...

Mmg motip sgtlaaaaahhhh hahaha

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