Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day mum:)

Happy Mother's Day mum
You're the BEST MOTHER in the world :)

Thank you for taking care of me from this 'small' :P
(okay please don't misunderstood...the baby is me and the girl in yellow shirt is my cousin)

this 'adorable' girl of yours...

until the 'small' baby become this 'big' lady :D

yes.I am taller and people always misunderstood me as my mum's younger sister.
(means that my mum is 'awet muda')

my pretty,wonderful,lovely and charming mother :)
dear mum, your daughter is doing quite well here...and yes she's missing you a lot :')

love you mum :)
I love you both and missing you always


Anonymous said...

ur mom is soooooooo beautful!!! =))
dan post ini sgt sweet =)

NIA said... mother like daughter..hakhak~

Saya said...

a'ah..ur mum sgt cantik..~~

tp the phrase "like mother like daughter"..erm..kejap..nak fikir betul ke tak..hukhukhuk..

xdela..betul la betul la mother's day ni..mcm pesta..semua org wish..dan semua org celebrate untuk mak2 sedunia..

NIA said...

haha..kejam mother like daughter tu part 'lovely' je kot..yg gojes+charming+pretty tuh dpt kt adik i..hakhak..

btol btol..pesta wishes sedunia:))

NzA said...

sejuk perut ibu sizuka.......semoga ibu sizuka terus brbahagia n gembira dgn kejayaan anak sulungnya n akan menjadi perangsang kpd adik2.........

NIA said...


Ddila said...

mak awak cantikla...:)

NIA said...

hhehehe.thanks.tetiba kan.wakil wakil :P

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