Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Of being a mother Part 1 - Instagram

Assalamualaikum. Hi. 

Being a mother, is an exciting journey. ESPECIALLY if you are having a GIRL. Let me tell you something; I can go CRAZY with all the baby dresses and cute little tiny shoes. Gerammmmmmm. Even since we (me and hubs) knew that we're having a girl, I've been eyeing these stuffs on IGs. 


Regarding Instagram, I only follow people I know and people i'd like to know about their lives; bestfriends, close friends, friends, few public figures, blogging friends, family members etc. Just scroll and omaigosh she is having a baby omg they're going to europe or something like that. 

So, back to me having a girl inside me (this is a throwback OK this tummy is full of foods now HAHA) I started to follow those IGs who are selling baby stuffs. I went crazy seriously I can follow like 10 different IGs at one time. Soooo excited I tell you.

But a day after that I was looking at my timeline 'woohooo what on earth is this? Why did I follow these IGs they are busy reviewing others' where are their products I vant to seeeeee?' 

*Clicked* Hmmm nothing much. Not so cute. Price no cheap. *Clicked* UNFOLLOW. 

I've been doing that for weeeeks now but I still have A LOT of IGs selling baby stuffs on my timeline. Sigh. What I've done to my darling timeline. Here have headbands, there got cute dresses and rompers, here one got pyjamas, this one educational toys, right there playmat playpen and all.

No cannot unfollow these IGs who knows I might need to buy these things for Zara later....
No cannot unfollow they have the best price I COMPARED them already...
No cannot unfollow cos I'm planning to buy this (like in few months onwards)...
No cannot unfollow the price is so cheap the dress is so cute yada yada yada...

Sekarang kalau scroll timeline, jika terkena masa IGs tengah post reviews memang scroll laju-laju dengan kelajuan enjin kuasa kuda. Kot ada terselit post member masa tengah speeding timeline tu terus buat emergency brake, scroll back. Nak update punya pasal. Sebab timeline asyik penuh dengan IG reviews, nak scroll timeline sampai bawah bawah pun dah malas. Tapi taknak unfollow kan so hati kena redho. Kalau Zara tengah tidur, OKlah. Tapi kalau dia tak tidur, hah selamat jalan romeoooo.

This motherly disease is so bad now I'm busy searching hashtags T__________T 

Its freaking 2 months away kot. Zara is turning 4 months in October. Disember baru start solid foods. Sabarlah, emak Zara. 


                                                                     I just cannot. 


seraa rose said...

yess,.. scroll laju2 bila IGs post review.. berderet2 pulak tu.. biasanya diorang ada time bila post review tu.

NIA said...

Yezza. Memang berderet kekadang review yang sama pulak tu huehue

lia ummiirfan said...

salam perkenalan dari followes #739

jom folo saya

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