Thursday, March 25, 2010

tag dari cik rose~

assalamualaikum w.b.t~
hai sume...episod kali ini ialah menjawab tag dari blog cik rose nina
*semoga die berpuas hati=p

1. Spell your name backwards.
run itazzi*canggih je bunyinye..haha

2. Where are you right now?
on the chair,in front of my laptop,in the room(345),at HUIA Residence,Grafton,Auckland*penuh kau ak bagi..haha

3. What is the closest object to you?
keyboard laptop...skinship gitu yaw~

4. Do you talk to yourself?
yes..a lot..haha..mengomel sendirian..apekah?=p

5. Who knows a secret about you? myself??

6. How long is your hair?

7. How much money do have on your wallet now?
do I really need to mention it here??*takot nanti ade org nak peras ugut..bahaya taw~

8.What is/are the latest movie that you have watch?
Alice in The Wonderland=))

9. Do you like anyone now?
yes.*this question don't ask 'who' right??=D

10. When was the last time you lied?
I've done it few times*tapi yg kecik2 punye hal je okeh..tak penah tipu besar punya

11. When was the last time you cried?
yesterday...because I just knew that he's sick-___-'

12. Is your birthday on a holiday?
YES!summer kot kalau kat sini?kalau kat Malaysia pun cuti jugak boleh??

13. What do you spend most of your money on?
for now dear D60 baby la future...marriage la kot...*gedik je..haha~

14. Last thing you cooked today?
oh hari ni belum masak lagi sebab lepas workshop tadi saje gedik pegi dressmart..haha~

15. What are you listening to?
bunyi angin dari tingkap-bunyi kete kat Grafton Rd.-bunyi helikopter kat Hospital-_-'

16. Why is the sky blue?
sebab bukan warna warni=p

17. What do you do when you first wake up?
bukak mata-termenung-tengok jam

18. Where is your cell phone?
tah mana tah...dalam beg kot

19. Have any regrets?
of course*mengimbau kejadian semalam-___________-'

20. Do you use an alarm clock?
absolutely yes...cellphone tu kire alarm clock la kan?=p

21. What is your cellphone network?
maxis & Vodafone...celcom bersemadi kat Malaysia=))

22. Single?
will be marry soon*haha..~

23. When do you give your cell number to someone?
bila admin suh letak kat group fb..haha~

24. What do you feel when someone asked you your number?
takde rase pape..kalau org tu kacak..rasa 'ada kupu2 dlm perut'..haha~

25. Have you tried asking someone their number?
mestilah ada..kalau tak cane nak dpt nombor org laen?

*sekian episod kali ini..babai!

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