Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a very bad dream

I was like fooling myself because I was part of the team
the team is good, very good
and most of them were awesome
because of my nervousness
and because of my little-tiny skills in basketball
I was like 'don't-know-what-to-do' during the match
maybe I become more nervous because of our opponent
they were like SUPER huge!!
I mean they were very tall and very big!
I am 167cm but still counted as one of the shortest??
a big apologize to my team mates
so sorry guys
all the best for the next game!
and I am paying my fault by booking the basketball court for my team on this Sunday
*haha...Chris is the one who ask for my
btw thanks Chris for giving me chance to be part of the team
and Saifful, you know how nervous I am
next, maybe I still part of the team
I prefer to watch the game
and you will see me taking pictures ONLY
very glad to have my 'tough' camera bag
my dear D60 baby was protected from the heavy rain
but me myself
fully W E T


Fareha Noor said...

be strong dude...don't blame ur self..

NIA said...

huhu..its just very frustrated..

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