Sunday, August 10, 2014

Oh my

Oh my my my 
I've been ignoring this blog like forever.poor blog. 

Time flies so fast. It's already August! Many things happened. Best friend got married, the kids had their exams twice (and the third one is coming next next week oh-headache-is-calling-me), and the wedding preparations. I am getting married in uhm uhm less than 50 days ? (Too-lazy-to-count-days-hahaha). 

Things are getting real. Preparations, flowers, attires, invitation cards, plates bowls spoons forks basins et cetera. I go for mix-methods : a 'rewang' banquet + DIY concept for decorations. My dad is the Head of Rewang-Department. Just so you know, his middle name is Perfect. He wants to do everything for the banquet ; buying utensils, basins, pots, knives, baskets, and all sort of things including the bawangs, serai, santan, chickens, fish and meats and you-know-more. He wants to handle everything related to the kitchen business. Thank you, abah. You are the ultimate hero. 

He's been buying so many things lately. It's like a never ending process. Whenever he came home, he bought something...for the banquet. It can be basins, baskets, or even knives. Sometimes my mum complained (hahahaha) because he keep buying things.

'Tu besen' 
'eh bukan dah ada ke besen yang beli haritu?'
'Beli je. Takut tak cukup.nanti banyak nak guna.' 

Skema-jawapan-standard. Everytime. 

Mum is busy with the decorations (the Head of Decoration-Department). She wants curtains, scallops and all. And because she can make all that by herself, she wants to go all out. We spent few hours at Jakel for curtains and fabrics for decorations. My first time being a-very-fussy-customer with all the fabric-drama. Almost lost my legs. Almost fell down the stairs-I-have-no-shame-I-walk-too-much. Phew. 

We went to Rantau Panjang, my mum and I. Long way before buying the fabrics. We went to Kelantan straight away after Fareha's solemnization. For pots, mats, gifts, kain batiks, and more-things-I-can't-remember. Mind you, Rantau-Panjang-is-shopping-heaven-for-moms. My mum was unstoppable. I was super exhausted I almost faint in the middle of the shops. My mum seemed younger than me, there. Veghi-energetic. 

So many things changed, BUT my baby fats are still here. We haven't break up, yet. Or maybe we will NEVER break up. The fats love me too much. 

Well, lets just say maybe I look more adorable with them. 

P/s: I will TRY to blog more, especially about the wedding. 
Like I always say, for future references huehuehue. 


Ddila said...

waaaa....dah nak kawen daaa.tahniah!!

Unknown said...

Semoga semua berjalan lancar zati... :)

And selamat hari raya..maaf zahir batin :)

NIA said...

@ dila : thank you hehehe

@cik aada: aminnn insyaAllah.
Selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin juga :)

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