Thursday, July 30, 2009

TAG from sista ieDa~

What is the most important things in Ur life?
Myself(I am not a thing okeyh...=p)

What is the last thing that U bought with Ur own money?
Mi bandung+Teh O Ais kat cenderawasih...=p

Where do U wish to get married?
♥My home sweet home

How old do U think U will be permanently owned by Ur love?
forever and ever...I hope so...pray for us♥

R U in love?
No is a wrong answer♥

Where was the last restaurant U had dinner?
Medan Selera Cenderawasih...wakaka

Name the latest book that U bought?
Educational Psychology...whoaaa!

What is Ur name?
♥sizuka suzuki suzaku♥...lalala~

Do U prefer Ur Father or Mother?
♥Mak nak...♥abah pun nak...xmo pilih2x..=)

Name a person that U really wish to met in real life for
the 1st time?
♥Nishikido Ryo+warga 3disember sekalian

Christina or Britney?
Nishikido boley??=p♥

Do U do Ur own laundry?
2 ke 3 minggu nie I cuci sendiri tau...handwash...lalala~

The most exciting place U want to go?
A calm+peace+romantic island...♥♥♥♥

Camera or MP3 or HP?

Point out 5 things about the person who tagged U?
  • a shweet+lovely sista♥
  • has a nice+cute blog♥
  • a lovely wife of her hubby♥
  • keje kat syarikat komputer
  • shuke tag saye...=)
3 things U say too often?
omg~, etc....

Book I've read recently?
Lawak+Jenaka[Pak Pandir+Pak Belalang+Lebai Malang+Si Luncai]
buku kat library s.i.g.s

4 songs I could listened to over and over again?
songs by NEWS, sorry sorry by Super Junior, nobody by Wonder Girls, etc...♥

3 things I learned last year?
I am 20 next year~*means this year la
I need to study hard and maintain my performance to be in Auckland
....many more....

8 People to Tag?

sape2 yang rajin nak buat TAG ini...anda sangat dialu-alukan...♥



caner nk wat tag nie cik sizuka??

~ieDa~ said...

Thanks!Mwahhh2x!Caner leh bc Buku Lawak Jenaka Pak Pandir tu?Mesti ikut dak2 sekulah g library ekk.. ;)
Pasnie nk panggil Suzuki,leh?Hehe.. ;p

sizukaDeboss said...

to BLACK DIAMOND: copy and paste kat blog anda...

to sis ieDa: same2..hehe..g library..xde keje nk name moto lak..nnti kalo moto2 suzuki sume terperasan sis pggil diorg..kehkeh

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