Friday, January 13, 2017


Assalamualaikum. Hi.

Happy New Year!

WOW. Time does flies so fast! So whats your new year resolutions? Mine? Always and forever the same - to be better and of course lah, to be slimmer. HAHA.

We started school last week. This is Week 2. But I already sweating a bucket! Being a class teacher (following my kiddos from last year to Year 5), and some other duties...phew phew phew. Please let me survive this year with flying confetti. The classroom is on the top floor. Sometimes I was panting when I reach the class. Seriously.

Now guess how much fats I get to burn in a day.

Well, lets hope this year will be a good year for us. I want to be fit, healthy and better in a way so that I can be much happier than last year (I cannot remember if I was unhappy last year).

My princess will turns 2 this year! But it'll be in June so still got time to decide about having a party or not HAHAHA.

And I will turn 2* December. Not feeling that old, yet. Still got time to enjoy my own sweet time to jump around. TEEHEE. I just turned 2* last month so do not expect me to digest that I am turning one year older just yet. HAHAHA.

Gotta go. It feels so nice to get to drop something here after a while.

Lets have a wonderful year OK!


Cik Puan Aada said...

happy new year zati :)


NIA said...

Happy New Year Aada :)

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